The Polygraph is not more than an Instrument that registers several graphs. These graphs are written representations of the Psychophysiological activity that is monitored by the examiner.

Polygraph is used to verify the truth of a statement or detect indications of disappointment in the statement; In other words, know when the truth is told or when you lie.

William Moulton Marston was born in 1983 in Saugus, Massachusetts educated at Harvard University and received his doctorate in the field of psychology.
Marston was the inventor of the first functional device to detect lies, adapted in a single instrument current devices to measure blood pressure and other body changes.

Why use our polygraph services?

-We have APA certifications that allow us to perform tests
- Polygraphs for pre-employment, routine and research.
- We perform all our tests in accordance with the strict criteria of
The American Polygraphic Associations.
- Full reports from 24 to 48 hours.
- Our polygraphs are updated annually to catch up with
- All the techniques of the profession and current information.
- We offer service at home.
- Willingness to travel within and outside the country.
- Advice on polygraph topics.
- We offer seminars on the practical use of the polygraph.