Brett Mikkelson

Has administered the company offering a wide range of professional investigation services. Mr. Mikkelson's 20 year background is based primarily through Military Intelligence, where he served in the U.S. Army as a Spanish Linguist Interrogator. Additional military training includes Source Handling, Background Investigations, Conducting Security Studies, Surveillance, Central and South American cultures, Counter-Terrorism, Counter-Narcotics, and more. For a short period of 8 months, he also served with a U.S. Special Operations unit in Panama as a civilian, assisting the J-2 in their daily intelligence objectives, playing an important intelligence role in the unit's deployment missions. 

Leaving the service in February, 1994, Mr. Mikkelson opened his first private investigation company, which was dedicated primarily to surveillance and general investigations in the country of Panama. He sold this company in 1998 and opened B.M. Investigations, Inc. with a vision of assisting clients and other investigators on a broader aspect. The concept of bringing all of the needed investigative and related services and contacts under one roof servicing the entire area of Central and South America.

At present we have two branches to provide a better service to our clients with experience and qualified personnel in the different areas of research and security being thus the largest research company in Panama.

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Brett Mikkelson - B.M.Investigations COO - CII President